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Twenty Years is an artistic and journalistic project to assess the legacy of the post 9/11, US-led war in Afghanistan.

Originally conceived in 2019 by journalist, author and film-maker Antony Loewenstein and artist Tia Kass alongside Afghans in Australia, Afghanistan and the Diaspora, Twenty Years is a multi-platform examination of the war and its aftermath after 20 years of conflict. We focus on the role played by Australia and other Western powers in invading and occupying Afghanistan and the consequences of these actions on Islamophobia and media coverage.

Featuring video, audio, portraits, text, photography, journalism, public events and art exhibition, the project aims to interrogate the reasons behind the conflict, who lost and gained, the impact on Afghan civilians and the legacy of the longest war in US history after the Taliban takeover in August 2021.

A key aim of Twenty Years is centering Afghan voices and their stories which are routinely ignored in the mainstream media in favour of pro-war pundits, military generals and politicians. By working with Afghan civilians, refugees, activists, artists and advocates, the project will show an Afghanistan that rarely breaks into the public consciousness.

Phase one of the project launches in October 2021 with public events featuring Afghans in Australia and globally discussing the war and new artwork and journalism on civilians affected by the conflict.

Phase two launches in 2022 with an exhibition of Afghan artists in Australia, Afghanistan and the Diaspora at Blacktown Arts gallery in Sydney, Australia. The featured artists are Khadim Ali, Elyas Alavi, Orna Kazimi and Najiba Noori, Tia Kass and Antony Loewenstein. Alongside the exhibition will be a program of public events to discuss the Afghan war.

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Antony Loewenstein, the drive between Kabul and Sarobi (2012)

Exhibiting Artists


20 years of the Afghan War
07–08 Oct. 2021



20 years of the Afghan War
07–08 Oct. 2021,

These events featured artists, activists, musicians and journalists Diana Sayed, Mahmood Fazal, Orna Kazimi, Najiba Noori, Elyas Alavi, Antony Loewenstein and Taqi Khan on the legacy of the Afghan war.


Whistleblower David McBride, Sydney, Australia
by Antony Loewenstein
Feb. 2021